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    The Best Joomla Hosting is one of the hot topics in Joomla world. Today, I will share our joomla team experience in practice  after a long time working with Joomla.

    First of all, thanks for your time to visit my website, hope my team experience will help you save your time to choose a best joomla hosting and get more customers/partners for your business.

    best joomla hosting

    Why we have to choose the best joomla hosting?

    In practice, the hosting problems can take us even 50% effort or more in project development. Other than that, it will be a high potential risk to make our customers unhappy. That ‘s the key of almost business. We realize the key of success in joomla development after moving from host to host and try to try, and finally it SiteGround Joomla Hosting package what help us a lot in business. Here is the list of reasons why we have to choose the best joomla hosting:

    • Make customer happy with the high quality joomla website, fast, stable and trustable. No doubt, all of website owner want their user happy when visit their website.
    • Save time in project development: the best joomla hosting will have a lot of tools for joomla from server side. Other than that it have almost tools for security, backup and managed services. Everything will work very smooth and fast. You development team only take time for development, they don’t have to take time to solve the server problems.
    • Safe: have you ever thought that sometimes your site disappear without any reason and you have no way to get it back? With the high quality hosting, they always have the backup hardware/software solution what will make sure 100% that they always have backup in any situation. So you always have peace in mind.
    • Fast: users always like the fast website and that why you have to do any solution to make your joomla site fastest. To focus to fast joomla website, let ‘s try our solutions for fast joomla hosting.
    • Support: no one make sure your joomla website will suddenly show something wrong. It can be happened from many different reasons but it always nice to have server side support by joomla hosting company.  They will know exactly what they need to do to solve the problem for you, or at least they will confirm the problem what is not come from the server side configuration.
    • Love: the best joomla hosting must be handled by people who love joomla. It ‘s easy to realize that your joomla website only be maintained and worked best behind the people who love joomla. When you love something you will work best on it :). And the key here is you need to choose the joomla hosting what are delivered by people who love Joomla.

    Which is the best joomla hosting company?

    It ‘s a big question and the answer is not the same day by day. The answer is only right in a local field. Our choice for the best joomla hosting base on our experience in practice from joomla development from 2008 until now. And with the help from joomla expert forum team, we do the quality test and run live joomla sites on around 30 joomla hosting companies on the globe. With different sites structure and traffic, finally we agree to vote SiteGround Joomla Hosting package is the best joomla hosting package until now.

    Visit the Best Joomla Hosting company: SiteGround

    As we say, we keep joomla development day by day and we deploy 2 or 3 joomla websites weekly. So that we do the test and we re-consider the best joomla hosting company weekly. Please get back to us weekly, maybe we will have another better option for you.

    Why we choose SiteGround as Best Joomla Hosting company?

    First of all, I like the way SiteGround take care their joomla team, I can realize that every time they support me, they are very happy. They show us that they love Joomla much more than any other open source.  I love it. I love the way they help me in happy smile. We know that the love is not everything they have, and here is the list of great features what make siteground is the best joomla hosting company:

    • 100% Joomla Compatible Hosting hardware & configuration
    • Price: $3.95/MONTH (IN 60% OFF NOW).
    • 30 days money back guarantee
    • UNLIMITED disk space & bandwidth & Databases
    • Joomla Expert Support with phone, ticket and chat
    • FREE Joomla Theme
    • SuperCacher support include Memcached, Google PageSpeed, Proxy Static Cache
    • FREE daily backup
    • FREE site moving
    • The Love: this is the feature we only realize after working with Siteground for a long time and we believe you will see they support you very fast in high quality too.
    SiteGround Super Cacher

    SiteGround Super Cacher – Fastest choice

    We already tried many joomla hosting providers from 2008 until now to show you only one the best joomla hosting what we believe it will save you a lot of time in hosting research. Keep in mind that the hosting industry change day by day and we are very appreciate to hear from you as we already heard from our customers to have a better joomla hosting solutions. Thanks and welcome any comment.