• Joomla System Requirements

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    Joomla system requirements is quite simple what almost hosting provider can serve. But to make joomla work fast is another part. Here we will list for a very basic system requirements what joomla need to run good. For more details or the server support best for joomla you can check our article about fast joomla hosting.

    joomla system requirements

    joomla system requirements

    Joomla System Requirements.

    • OS: you should chose *NIX for joomla because PHP, MySQL only work best for *NIX operating system. It can be CentOS, Ubuntu, Redhat ….
    • PHP 5.x : Joomla can work well with PHP4 but we highly recommend you use PHP 5.x with a lot of extra features what make joomla work fastest and best security.
    • Apache or Nginx : both of Apache and Nginx are fine with Joomla and each webserver have different advantage features. Most of people will thing Nginx work faster but other people believe Apache have better security. To me, fast or security base on how we configure the webserver, so that don’t worry about this.
    • MySQL 5.x or above: MySQL 5.x have a lot of good features what increase joomla performance a lot. So that if you choose a hosting, don’t forget to choose a MySQL version from 5.x or above.
    • mod_rewrite (optional): I highly recommend you require mod_rewrite from hosting provider since it ‘s very important for SEO.
    • curl (optional): almost hosting provider will support this PHP so that you don’t have to worry but in the case they didn’t support then don’t get their hosting :).

    Hope our share about joomla system requirements will help you in the process to estimate how good your joomla hosting or check your system. If you want to make sure to choose a best joomla hosting what meet all of joomla system requirements and even have more nice features, you can take a look at our article about best joomla hosting. Or if you want to see more discussion about this article you can visit a joomla forum at Joomla quality hosting provider system requirements.

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