• Hide title in Fancybox in 2 ways

    by  • January 13, 2015 • Blog

    Hide title in fancybox is quite easy, fancybox is a very good lightbox/gallery base on jQuery with a lot of useful helpers/plugins so that we are free to control everything. Today I will show you how to hide title what is displayed as default.

    The default fancybox gallery will show you the lightbox of image like this

    hide title in fancybox

    The problem is we have too many images in our gallery, so that we don’t have time to enter the name/title for all of them, that ‘s why we want to hide all of them and use space to show bigger image. Here is the solution how to hide title in fancybox. It ‘s very easy with a simple paramater.

    Or you can use this way

    Yes, they are 2 simple ways for you to hide title in fancybox.

    Good luck and welcome any comment!