• Free Joomla Hosting – Work or Not?

    by  • November 6, 2013 • Blog

    Many of my customers ask me about Free Joomla Hosting solution, I ‘s easy to understand why they have the idea to use free joomla hosting for their product site. But well, it ‘s totally wrong!!!

    free joomla hosting

    For a long time our team always use SiteGround Joomla Hosting package for all of our projects and they just make us very comfortable with the services they provide. Everything come from server become very easy and smooth. They even support Varnish cache in this hosting package what improve the performance very very much.

    2 years ago I was have idea the same like some of my customers for joomla development about free joomla hosting and not much effort I found some free joomla hosting providers what ready for joomla one-click install and server “work” with joomla. But still just after 2 weeks using them and I decided that I will never use them again because of these reasons:

    1. Free Joomla Hosting have no support

    Well, how I can say!!! If you are a very good technical guy in Joomla server but you only own shared hosting account then you have no way to change any configuration on server. The problem is if there are any thing wrong you can’t require the free joomla hosting provider support you. Why? Because it ‘s “FREE” and in the most case the support time will take you a lot of more money or it just take your time to move your site to another joomla hosting.

    So a hosting without support is not something we are looking for, let ‘s forget this option.

    2. Free Joomla Hosting is too slow

    No one will take a lot of time and money to invest to a free joomla hosting system, so that using free joomla hosting then you have to allow the slow performance and much down time. So what? You will lose your customers because of the low quality website service. Let ‘s avoid the slow website by avoid the free joomla hosting

    3. No Security in Free Joomla Hosting

    It doesn’t make any sense if it is a free service but have no security. But how you require they invest to have a best security with a free one? Then again, we shouldn’t use free joomla hosting .

    4. No guarantee from Free Joomla Hosting

    100% people want to have some guarantee for their website so that no guarantee no usage.

    5. Free Joomla Hosting with “suddenly site down”

    Who want to have a website with a lot of down time? If you want then let ‘s go with free joomla hosting solution

    6. Free Joomla Hosting does not work for development

    How much money you are paying for development per hour? It will take your developers time more than 2 or 3 times to work with a low quality hosting so that let ‘s get a good one for your developers instead of the free joomla hosting. In this case, you will lose a huge money for free joomla hosting what just take some dollars per month for a paying joomla hosting.

    free money

    Ok, in the bottom line, I believe you will never think about the free joomla hosting solution any more. I don’t think there is any free solution for this what have a good quality enough to use. It just take you time and money.

    If you choose a good paying joomla hosting it will save you a lot of time and money, other than that it will save more customers, and make your site more trust. So that I highly recommend you use a very good one from a joomla hosting company what provide a best joomla hosting service. I suggest you try SiteGround Joomla Hosting package what will have all of features for Joomla with the best quality, and they are the one on the world provide supercacher with CDN, memcached and varnish cache in shared hosting. It ‘s interesting to try without any risk.