• Configure joomla memcached for faster speed

    by  • March 9, 2015 • Blog

    We have no doubt that caching will help joomla work faster. And today I will show you how to configure memcached for joomla. Joomla still can turn on caching even though you have no memcached but it will use file system cache (slowest caching method), that ‘s why we need something faster and in this case it ‘s memcached.


    If you are using VPS or dedicated server you can install memcached easy. But if you use shared joomla hosting then it is not easy to find out a good hosting what support memcached. But luckily, we got a very good option for you here with full caching support. You can look at the best joomla hosting article to find out more about that.

    Now let ‘s do our job with joomla memcached configuration.

    Open and edit file configuration.php in root folder of joomla installation.

    Find this line with 2 variables.

    Change these lines to

    Of course, belong to your memcached credentials, you will need to change the port and host.

    In cPanel you can edit directly the configuration.php file like this screenshot


    Now, it ‘s time to enjoy the result by running your joomla site again to see the speed change.

    Good luck!