• How to choose the Best Joomla Hosting for your need?

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    “How to choose the best joomla hosting for my traffic site?”, “How to choose the best joomla hosting for personal page?”, “How to choose the best joomla hosting for a my site with 5k visits/day?” and more questions like that send to us via contact  page every week. That ‘s the reason why we decide to publish this post to help you have a general look about what kind of joomla hosting you need to make sure it match with what your joomla site require.


    Now we will give 4 traffic level base on the number of visits to your site. If you use Google Analytics you can base on the number of sessions. In Google Analytics, the number can be found like this:


    1. Best Joomla Hosting for Web Traffic level #1

    Joomla site with Traffic Level #1 or low traffic site will get the traffic less than 100 vistis/day. In this case the best joomla hosting package for your site only need a hosting what is designed good for joomla. That ‘s mean, it only need to keep everything work well and keep server resource good enough to work with caching and security. You can choose one of these

    With the hosting package option above, it even work well for you until 500 visits/day, and if you do the optimization well with cache, it can work well up to 2000 visits/day.

    2. Best Joomla Hosting for Web Traffic Level #2

    Joomla Site Traffic Level #2 will be assigned for the traffic from 100 visits/day to 500 visits/day. With this traffic, you site can make money if you know how to generate it from your site traffic. And of course, if it ‘s a real user traffic. For this type of traffic you can choose just the same like level #1 but to make sure it have no down time (because the number of accounts in the same shared server is not too much), you need to choose a better hosting level.

    But you know, the secret is almost our customers are happy with the first package for level #1 with their website traffic ~500 visits/day. So that you can feel free to use the first package first before moving the the second one.

    3. Best Joomla Hosting package for Web Traffic Level #3

    Level #3 of web traffic will be in range from 500 visits/day to 3000 visits/day. With this type of traffic you can even make money enough at home without going to work any more. Here is the list of package you can look at to make sure you joomla website work well.

    4. Best Joomla Hosting package for Web traffic level #4

    In this level you already make a lot of money with high traffic website, but you don’t have to move to expensive VPS or dedicated Server, you just need to choose one of these package what can guarantee you take traffic from 3000 to 10.000 visits/days.

    joomla high traffic website

    These type of package for joomla sites will have a big different from site to site because of the optimization. If you site are optimized, it even take you more than 20k visits/day, unless it can’t run with only 2k/day. If you don’t know how to make sure your joomla site is optimized or not, you can check the tutorial how to Speed Up Joomla.

    What if your site got even more than 20k visits/day, this is type of ultimate traffic site, you need to look at more detail to the site instead of only base on traffic to estimate the hosting package. But almost this type of traffic, you will need a VPS or dedicated hosting to make sure your site work well. We will do another article about high traffic website soon to help you.

    And now if you choose the right package but you still meet the problem with traffic, you can contact us for more information why it happen. Thanks and welcome any comment.