• 5 tips to make joomla faster 10x

    by  • February 15, 2015 • Blog

    If you are using joomla and you feel it is not good enough for you, or it ‘s too slow in compare to other joomla sites in the same business. In this case, our article about “5 tips to make joomla faster 10x” will help you solve your problem pretty easy.


    In our case, we consider you are using joomla 3.x then you can check if your joomla site is fast or not by these services:

    After check your site you will see your score, then let ‘s do these 5 tips to make it faster

    1. Fast Joomla Hosting

    The best joomla hosting is the most important to make your joomla site fast or not. Even though you do a very good joomla conguration and optimization but your server/hosting doesn’t support well for joomla then it doesn’t make sense to make it fast. You can check our list about Fast Joomla Hosting to make sure you choose the right one.

    The fast joomla hosting will make you have the fast server responsive time, it will make everything include server side and static files load to client web browser fast as possible.

    2. Turn on and configure joomla cache to make joomla fast

    Joomla cache system will help you cache these dynamic content

    • Component views
    • Module views
    • Page views

    Now access the Global Configuration and turn on caching


    Page views are only cached if you switch on the System – Cache plugin in the Plugin Manager:


    3. G-Zip ON

    In Global Configuration, on the Server tab, you will find the setting to turn on G-zip:

    g-zip joomla

    4. Remove unneeded joomla extensions

    These are some joomla extensions what you may not need so that you can consider to remove them to make the site faster.

    • Social media scripts like counters for likes and tweets. They usually need additional javascripts, and connect to the remote network, which can slow you down terribly.
    • Large sliders and image shows. All images in the slideshow need to be loaded for the slider to function, which may take long with full-width images.
    • Also scripts like Googla Analytics, Google Webfonts, etc. can slow you down more then you would expect…

    5. Optimise the browser cache by .htaccess

    Almost browser cache method want to make sure the static files load to browser in the fastest way and cache on it in the best time frame. The .htaccess code is the best way to do that on server side to tell browser about that. This is sample code you can use for that

    But for the best result, I recommend you use CDN service like CloudFlare or MaxCDN to make sure the static files are served by third-party service 100%, it will save a lot of your server resource.

    And maybe more tips to make joomla fast, welcome your comment.