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    Fast Joomla Hosting is always important what almost people didn’t take care much enough when they choose a hosting service. A best joomla hosting will make users much more comfortable and happy when they visit your website. And of course it will make our products/services on website become more professional.

    Fast Joomla Hosting

    There are a hundred of reasons why we have to choose a professional joomla hosting company for a fast joomla hosting in practice. I won’t list all of reasons here. I just want to focus to choose a fast joomla hosting, and of course it must keep a good security as well as Joomla expert support.

    Before starting the detail, thank you for visit my blog. I want to thank for helping from my joomla hosting research team, Joomla expert forum team and our customers who provided me a lot of feedback and good information to have a good joomla hosting reviews.

    Which is the Fast Joomla Hosting we recommended?

    1. SiteGround Joomla Hosting

    I has worked in a Joomla group from 2008 with Joomla 1.5, 1.6 and now is Joomla 2.5, 3.0. Recently I joined to a Joomla hosting research team who will release a best joomla server configuration detail in future. We have a lot of Joomla websites what are running live with fast speed. The joomla hosting provider what help us very much on making our customers happy is SiteGround with SiteGround Joomla Hosting package. Here is there package detail:

    SiteGround Joomla Hosting package

    SiteGround Joomla Hosting

    • 100% Joomla Compatible Hosting hardware & configuration
    • Price: $3.95/MONTH (IN 60% OFF NOW).
    • 30 days money back guarantee
    • UNLIMITED disk space & bandwidth & Databases
    • Joomla Expert Support with phone, ticket and chat
    • FREE Joomla Theme
    • SuperCacher support include Memcached, Google PageSpeed, Proxy Static Cache
    • FREE daily backup
    • FREE site moving

    Visit #1 Joomla Hosting: SiteGround

    2.WebHostingHub Joomla Hosting

    And another our favorite joomla hosting provider what also provide a very good quality to have a fast joomla site is WebHostingHub Joomla hosting package. Around 25% our customers using this and they are also happy so far until now.

    Webhostinghub Joomla Hosting

    • 100% Joomla Compatible Hosting hardware & configuration.
    • Price: $4.95/MONTH.
    • 24/7 Top U.S. Technical Support
    • 90 days money back guarantee.
    • UNLIMITED disk space & bandwidth & databases.
    • Joomla Expert Support with phone, ticket and chat
    • Free Backup Wizard

    Visit #2 Joomla Hosting: WebHostingHub

    3. A2 Hosting Joomla Hosting

    The last Joomla Hosting Provider who also provide the fast joomla hosting. We has just known recently but when we try to use them for our Joomla customers, they are all very happy with it. They are A2 Hosting with A2 Hosting Joomla Hosting package. One of the reasons we try them is they have a SSD support what promise increase Joomla performance 300%.

    A2 Hoting Joomla Hosting

    • 100% Joomla Compatible Hosting hardware & configuration.
    • Price: $4.97/MONTH (17% OFF NOW).
    • 30 days money back guarantee.
    • UNLIMITED disk space & bandwidth & databases.
    • Joomla Expert Support
    • Server Rewinds Backup

    Visit #3 Joomla Hosting: A2 Hosting

    How we choose the best fast joomla hosting providers?

    Let ‘s go through these features what we need for a fast joomla hosting and you will see why we choose them.

    1. Fast Joomla Hosting need Joomla compatible hosting configuration

    The hosting provider must set up their server for Joomla only to make sure it work best for joomla. In this case, you have to choose the hosting provider who have Joomla Hosting package and support Joomla security, Joomla auto updater…

    To know if your current hosting compatible with Joomla or not, you can check this article about Joomla quality hosting provider system requirements

    But keep in mind that, if your hosting compatible with Joomla System requirements, that does not mean your Joomla website will work fast enough. There are some more advantage performance server settings what make Joomla even more fast and still keep the best security. So let ‘s continue with next joomla hosting features we need to review.

    2. Making Joomla work Fast but Safe

    No doubt about security for Joomla from server side what hosting provider need to cover. If you have a very fast joomla hosting but not safe then it doesn’t make sense. The key requirements for a Best Joomla Hosting provider is they have to keep the server security 100%.

    3. Fast Joomla Hosting must include Fast Joomla support

    The world is not perfect, any best system will have problem suddenly what we can not predict. In this case we will need a human expert support instead of a robot. Another key feature for a best joomla hosting is support time. They have to provide the fast support time in 1 hour at least, to make sure their customers still trusting them.

    Maybe you will not know the best average support time of our first option for joomla hosting is SiteGround, their average support time is 7 minutes. It ‘s more than enough for people need support about their website. As I say, the hosting provider must keep the average support time fast like that to help their customers ‘s websites have the best quality. Fast Joomla Hosting need Fast Joomla Support.

    4. Joomla Tools and Extensions ready

    Joomla release security fix usually, if you are a good webmaster for your Joomla site then you have to cover the update fix daily. In this case you need a tool what can help you update joomla security problem as soon as possible. And many others tools you will need to make sure your joomla site work best. That ‘s why we expect the Joomla Hosting Providers must support a good joomla tools and expertise joomla extensions.  This feature will save you a lot of time and anti risk. Even though you have one joomla site or 100 joomla sites, you still need tools like this.

    5. Joomla server expert support

    There are many problems can be happened from server site relate to joomla what need Joomla expert to support it. I will never work with the hosting provider who have no joomla expert who will support me about joomla problem. In many cases, the server support say NO for supporting us just because they have no idea about Joomla CMS what just need a minute to save us a lot of time from Joomla Expert.

    In almost cases, the hosting provider who provide Joomla Hosting package they should have a good team for joomla expert support.

    6. Server location and CDN

    If you has ever worked with a big system where you have a million page views/month, you have to know or at least hear about CDN. CDN features help us speed up loading time and save the bandwidth for server. Other than that, it help optimize response time and security with a lot of more nice features. You can take a look at CloudFlare CDN features what already supported for all of our joomla hosting solution above. So a fast joomla hosting always need to support CDN.


    One more thing need to have to speed up joomla website is server location. The joomla hosting provider need to have multi-location server to become flexible and at least provide the nearest location for target users.  Let ‘s say you use SiteGround Joomla Hosting package, then you will have chance to choose server in US, Europe and Asia. In the case you choose the right location for your target customers they will access your website fastest.

    7. Caching system support

    If a Joomla Hosting provider can support extra caching services like memcached, redis cache, static cache… then it should be perfect. In the most time the advantage caching solution will increase the performance 10 times to 100 times faster base on the Joomla site optimization.

    Not many hosting providers who provide caching in shared hosting, but luckily we still have one hosting option what support supercacher include 3 tiers caching services included memcached. It ‘s SiteGround.

    SiteGround Super Cacher

    This is one of reasons why we choose SiteGround as the top fast joomla hosting provider for fast speed and best performance.

    In bottom line, we highly recommend you choose SiteGround Joomla Hosting package what we trust very much about everything base on our current customers Joomla sites. Another issue about the performance you need to know that the best Joomla Hosting only provide the server side for joomla work best, after you have a best server side ready, you have to do some other steps to speed up Joomla. You can find a list of great articles how to Speed Up Joomla 100x. Thanks and don’t forget to leave me your feedback in comment below.